Diana Legales
Diana Legales Abogada especializada en derecho de extranjeria e inmigración española

Spain Golden VISA

See how to get the Golden Visa for Spain without anyone ripping you off

There has to be an easier way to enjoy life in Spain (spoiler: there is)

Spain has so many good things going for it – the weather, the food, the culture, the friendly people – but red tape can make it impossible to enjoy. 

You want to get the best of Spain and not the worst. You don’t want endless paperwork and so-called experts who take advantage of you by charging a fortune for rip-off services.

You need a GOLDEN VISA. Before looking at how I can help, let’s see what it gives you:

  • Residency and work for an unlimited time in Spain 
  • You and your family are included*
  • You can invest and travel freely among the 29 EU countries part of the (EU) Schengen Area

Sounds perfect right?

But how do you get this visa? Invest a minimum of €500,000 in Spanish property, personally or through your company.

The problem? Not everyone you meet can be trusted.

My name is Diana,

I’m a lawyer who specialises in Spanish immigration laws, and I deal with more than 500 cases every year, including everything relating to the Golden Visa.

How can I help? I make this visa simpler and safer. Saving you time and money.

Let’s see how it works.

The Timeline for Getting a Golden Visa

Naturally, every case is different and, for this reason, I can’t guarantee that it takes X amount of time to get a visa.

However, what I can do is offer you my experience to provide a guide to how it usually works


Step 1 - Getting Started (Week 1-2)

You sign a contract with us, for a fixed price with no commission.

You then choose a property to invest in. If you prefer to do it remotely then we’ll inspect it on your behalf.

If you want help finding a property then we can put you in touch with a trustworthy real estate agent

Alternatively, if you want to visit Spain and personally pick your property we’ll arrange a tourist visa for you


Sign the Purchase Contract (Week 3-8)

We revise and sign the deposit contract with the seller while you arrange the funds to complete the purchase.

We gather and translate all of the relevant documentation for you, and make sure that everything in the purchase agreement is in your best interests

We keep you safe from cons and frauds because our mission is to free you of the red tape and paperwork involved in buying property in Spain.

We can carry out the purchase with a power of attorney, letting you buy property here before you even set foot in the country


Step 3 - Presentation of Your Visa Application (Week 8-9)

(If you have already bought the properties, we would start from this point)

This step is where we prepare all of the documentation for your residency application and present it to the authorities.

After they’ve revised the application, they’ll get in touch with us to confirm if your visa has been approved.

With this step, our speedy service is crucial as there’s limited time to sort out any issues that are flagged up.

You can relax while I sort out any issues that need solved.


Step 4 - Enjoy your Golden Visa
(week 8-9)

By this stage, the government will issue you residency visa for you and your family

Please note that you still can’t work in Spain at this stage, and the visa needs to be renewed annually

If you like, we can immediately ask for a two-year Spanish working visa

You’re now free to enjoy life in Spain and do whatever attracted you to this beautiful country in the first place.

I will take care of the rest of the paperwork, making your new life in Spain as simple as you want it to be. This includes visa renewal, taxes, contracts, insurance and anything else.

Why do you need a lawyer?

The truth is that you don’t need a lawyer or anyone else to get your Golden Visa for Spain

So why should you do this?

Spain is a safe, friendly country and I’m sure you’ll be welcomed by far more good people than bad, and make great new friends.

Yet, the red tape is one area foreigners hate. Many people get confused, annoyed, or even give up on their dreams of living here.

The other big danger? 

Some unscrupulous people see you as a way of making a lot of money for doing nothing. Don’t fall into this trap!

With my services, the difference is a truly professional attitude and a long-term outlook.

I want to protect you by guiding you through this process safely and without any delays

You could look at my services as a form of insurance.

The kind of thing that protects you from the worst happening.

It gives you a priceless sense of peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, because I value my time and also this appointment acts as a filter, to see who is serious about going ahead.

I presume that you value the time I dedicate to you, and will want to make the most of this chance to find out if you want to use my service.

I’ll explain exactly how to proceed and what it costs, but if you decide not to go ahead then I expect you will have learned useful information from our time talking.

Not at all.

Any foreigner can carry out this process for themselves.

However, most people find that having a local expert to help them saves time and potentially money.

My team works through over 500 cases each year and know exactly what documents are needed and what to do each step of the way.

Yes, as long as you don’t mind my strong Spanish accent.

If you’d like a translator then let me know in advance and I can arrange for this service in English, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Arab, or Italian.

I’m a registered lawyer with the ICAV number 14521.

My aim is to build lasting relationships with my clients, so that I continue to help them once they have their Golden Visa.

This is why I have a long-term outlook and I hope to continue working with you in the future, as you look for expert advice on subjects such as paying taxes, arranging for your children to study etc.

I always charge a fixed price that reflects the value of my work, nothing more and nothing less. Of course, I need to speak to you to work out the details of your case before I can establish the cost in your case.

As a registered lawyer, I can access services and platforms on a priority basis and cut down on the waiting time. The average time for buying a property and arranging a Golden Visa is between 4 and 12 weeks.


Your legal consultation without leaving home

My specialised immigration service = Happy clients

My Google Reviews consistently mention “professionalism” and “human touch”, which sums up my service and my approach neatly.


4.8 average score from 53 Google Reviews

I’m happy to speak to you wherever you are in the world. But if you’re in Spain you’ll find me and my team in the sunny city of Valencia, strategically placed at the heart of the Spanish Mediterranean coast and regularly voted as one of the best places in the world to live.

In the centre of this historic city – filled with arts, science, and beaches as well as paella and caloret faller – we offer our services to help people from all over the world cut through the red tape and make a new start in Spain 💃

Don’t worry, I don’t do it all alone.

I have a professional team ready and willing to get to work on protecting your interests and helping you get your Golden Visa.

Diana Legales Abogada extranjería e inmigración

Diana Lladró

Abogada. Inglés y español.


Abogada especializada en extranjería


Abogada especializada en extranjería
Diana Legales Abogada extranjería e inmigración

Diana Lladró

Abogada. Inglés y español.


Abogada especializada en extranjería


Abogada especializada en extranjería

Your legal consultation without leaving home